Glasses are not just for seeing…

I LOVE my glasses. I really only need to wear them for driving, but I wear them all the time anyway and not just for seeing. Here are 3 other amazing uses for spectacles.

1. To help me NOT see

When I wore my glasses for the first time, I was shocked by the state of my flat. I actually thought it was clean! The good thing is that you can wear your glasses when you want to be thorough with the cleaning. But, when you’ve been run off of your feet and the house hasn’t been cleaned properly for a few days (ahem, weeks) – you can take off your glasses and it doesn’t look as bad! OK, It won’t fix the problem but it might make you feel better for a minute. WARNING – it might p*ss you off if your partner has had 20/20 vision all along and hasn’t attempted to clean. That means they could actually SEE the dirt! Nasty…

Doesn’t look too bad…


2. To cover up

It is not a good day. Hormones, stress, whatever. You’ve spent most of the morning crying your eyes out in-between chores. Desperately trying to push the tears back into your face so your kids won’t see. 9 times out of 10 if you put your glasses on; no one will even notice you’re upset. Similarly if your eyebrows are overgrown, you’ve had a breakout or you just can’t be bothered with make up; you can always hide behind your frames! (All apply to the image below).

Fakest. Smile. Ever.


3. To shield

Always wear your glasses at meal times. Every time your child decides to sneeze food directly into your face, at least your eyes will be protected. Glasses won’t do much for your mouth though, so try to keep it shut.




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