3 reasons I lovehate the park

The park. Love it. Hate it. I’ll tell you why…

1. Making ‘friends’

I love it when there’s a couple of kids in there the same age as my daughter. She’s entertained and I can sit and celebrate not being climbed on.

I hate it when there is only ONE other child in the park who subsequently becomes ‘besties’ with your child and then you feel obliged to converse with their parent/carer. Like I didn’t come here to make friends. I came here so that I could be semi left alone for half an hour. I won’t be offended if you don’t talk to me. I’m sure you understand. *smiles awkwardly, looks at phone*

(I’m actually really bad at making new friends. You can see why. But I’ve got about 6 really awesome friends already and apparently that makes me a “friend whore”. So for that reason, I am not recruiting at the moment.)

2. Monkey see. Monkey do.

I love watching in amazement as my little girl conquers a new piece of apparatus or climbs higher than yesterday. Seeing her develop, grow and gain confidence is such a beautiful thing. She watches the older children and sees no reason why she can’t do what they are are doing. She is bold and brave. I love that and it makes me proud.

I hate it though when she watches 12 year olds and then ONLY wants to do the monkey bars. You are 2 and a half years old and less than 2 feet tall – I’ve got to bear hug your knees and shuffle along while you do this 37 times. Please. For my sanity – Let’s just come back to this when you are at least 6.

3. Bugs

I love……..No. There is not ONE thing that I love about bugs. But it does make me smile when my little girl is fascinated by creepy crawlies and doesn’t show an ounce of fear towards them. She definitely didn’t get that from me!

I HATE it when she starts touching them. I can’t keep up the facade of being cool with insects in front of the other parents. Bring that bug-looking leaf anywhere near me and you are in BIG TROUBLE! I’m petrified of anything with more than 4 legs; especially if it can fly. If you have got 6 f*cking legs… Why do you need WINGS? I really don’t want to pass my fears onto my children so I’ve learned to smile and say “ah look at the pretty butterfly” whilst dancing (ducking) around the swing. AND they all fly like they’re drunk so I can’t even dodge on the sly – FLY IN A STRAIGHT LINE!!! I’m 5ft9! I’m massive! You must be able to see me! Go away! *palpitations*

What do you lovehate about the park?

You Baby Me Mummy

3 thoughts on “3 reasons I lovehate the park

  1. Yeah, I know what you mean about the park when there’s only another kid/parent there. I feel very antisocial – especially when my eldest was too young for any kind of chat – just pushing the buggy around. But now he has a few friends locally, we almost always bump into someone we know, which is nice. No small talk needed. 🙂


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