Bring the kids! A trip to Seal Island

We’ve just got back from a little family break to St. Ives, Cornwall. It was our first family trip since I had baby J (now 5 months) and we decided not to fly half-way around the world with 2 small people; but to squeeze our whole house into a hatchback for an 8 hour road trip instead. I’ve not quite recovered from the long-ass drive yet or managed to empty the suitcase but NEED to tell you about the boat trip we took to Seal Island.

Activities that sound like a great idea when you are a couple, should maybe be reconsidered when you’ve got 2 children to keep alive. If you’re anything like me though – nothing will hold you back. You are ALL getting into a small motorboat to then climb over water into a slightly larger boat and you ARE bringing your double buggy.

I was informed by the lovely lady on the phone that there would be “a bit of bump” on the sea that day.

Bit of bump doesn’t sound too bad… I can handle that.’

I ABSOLUTELY sh*t myself on the boat ride out. I was holding onto baby J for dear life, bless him he didn’t seem the least bit fazed.

My foot wedged up against the side of the boat so we didn’t get thrown off the seat, my knuckles were WHITE and I kept my eyes shut until we stopped at Seal Island. My mind was 50% praying that we didn’t get thrown overboard and 50% planning the rescue procedure. The plan in mind was:

  1. Don’t let go of the baby
  2. Try to kick off shoes – if there’s time
  3. Hold baby above my head
  4. Try to swim in upright position, using only legs for 3.5 miles against the force of the atlantic ocean.
  5. Daddy – Make sure you save the girl.

In a nutshell, if the boat had turned over… only God would’ve been able to save us. And if you have to plan an escape and rescue procedure, should you be doing this with small children?

As soon as the boat stopped at Seal Island, the trauma and the palpitations disappeared. It was all ooooo’s and aaaah’s as the seals popped their heads up from out of the water to say ‘hi’. It really was a beautiful and calming experience, felt a bit like David Attenborough – can’t lie. Despite putting our lives slightly at risk, I am actually really glad that we got to do the trip as a family.

The best photo I could manage given the circumstances. There are actually 3 seals in this photo. Let’s play…

I should’ve just remembered that a Seagull had dropped 6 pints of sh*t down my back before the boat ride and taken that as a sign of good luck to stop me panicking. For real, I thought someone had chucked a drink at me. It was everywhere. Thanking God for baby J’s rain cover otherwise he’s have been covered in it as well.

The boat ride back to St. Ives Harbour didn’t have as much “bump”, even managed to sneak in a breastfeed (feeling brave). On approach to the jetty, our faces dropped when we realised that the tide had risen and we would have to wade through the water before getting back to dry land.


With help from some kind strangers; we passed our offspring, shoes and double buggy along, over the water and onto the sand. Lucky kids, that water was FREEZING!

Honestly, we must cause a scene wherever we go – but we made it!!!


Celebratory Survival Selfie. (Even baby J is fist pumping)

I have to be honest, if we’d have done this trip without the kids it would have been fun and easy. But doing it with my children made it empowering and all the more exciting. We can do anything we want. We can go anywhere we want. #BringTheKids







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