A week in pictures #1


Worried that my curly ‘fro might be spiralling out of control without me knowing; I was trying to hide behind the pram and sneak a selfie in the park without looking like a self-centred prat. But I had to look up because my 2-year-old got stuck in the spider web during the 2.5 seconds that I was looking away. Later that day, both children decided that they would glue themselves to me for the rest of the afternoon. As you can see my hair reacts to stress.




Got booted out of the bed at 4am by a crying toddler who has to sleep in pike position. My Nutella ‘n’ Go got robbed (she ate all of the chocolate with one biscuit stick though because she only wanted to lick it). So I did get the dry biscuits but no Nutella. Great. Tried to get a photo of me giving baby J a kiss, but he latched onto my lip. Perhaps I’m not feeding him enough. Well that can’t be true – he’s BLOODY MASSIVE.



Going… Going… Gone! Just like the day.


Had an amazing mini family photoshoot – our first one all together. Immediately afterwards, my daughter decides she is going to have her first public ‘accident’. Typical on the ONE day that I forget to bring her bag out with us. Sod’s Law! She went home with no trousers on, a random swimming nappy that I found in the boot of the car, her raincoat tied around her waist and boots (which in hindsight were probably a bit damp) with no socks. I (thankfully) went to meet a friend for a much-needed drink and a chat. I was only gone for 3 hours and came home to this…



Admiring how relaxed everyone is when nanny joins us. They will literally lay anywhere. Oh and baby J has funny, cute toes that can pick flowers.




A play date. Lots of noise, a lot more mess and enough wine to keep the adults smiling but sensible-ish.



The morning after the night before. Obviously the night that I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine is the night that baby J wakes up 4 times for milk. I can’t handle it, I’m just not drinking any more. I Just about managed to get through today. Eventually got ready and out of the house by late afternoon. Baby had his first go on the swing! (with lots of padding of course)

It’s 19:36, both babies are in bed and even though there are a million productive things that I could and SHOULD be doing; I’m going to join them and hit the sack! I have no stamina whatsoever.


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24 thoughts on “A week in pictures #1

  1. Wine & night feeds are rough – they seem to know if you’ve had a drik & wake up extra that night as punishment! I know what you mean about sneaking selfies – I don’t feel comfortable doing it either! Thanks so much for linking up with us at #BloggerClubUK


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