A week in pictures #2




Brazen birds at Battersea Park! They literally walk right over your feet and fly into your legs. Princess-A loved it though. I think that Baby J knew that he was being sent away for the night so that mummy could relax for once. He didn’t go without a fight though!



A day without the kids. Woke up feeling amazing (although I didn’t look it) after my first full nights sleep in over 6 months. Had a hearty breakfast, which I got to eat while it was hot!!! (it’s the small things). The more you have of a good thing – the more you want. Felt shattered after a whole night of relaxation so had a mother ducking NAP!! Because I could (flicks hair).

Went to pick the kids up, I felt a little sorry for my mum – it looked like she had her work cut out. I don’t think she expected 2 under 3 to be so hectic. I’m pretty sure she fell asleep on the kitchen floor. Perhaps i’ll receive more empathy in future 🙂



No excuse for being so tired. I just was. A bare minimum parenting day. Fed, clothed and clean-ish.



I did actually go out to wish my grandma a Happy Birthday but didn’t take any photos (because I have no priorities). Instead I thought it was more interesting to capture princess-A getting her ass stuck in the walker (she still thinks it’s hers) and my rubbish attempt at pampering my self.




Cried most of the morning as the reality set in that I am going back into work soon and I will have to leave my baby. Went to get my uniform (DEFINITELY NO PHOTOS). This shiny new badge made it all better though. Again, it’s the small things.



What to do when you’re looking after 3 under 3? Just let them get on with it! Occasionally intervene with food and baby wipes. We had a lot of fun, although I’m not in a hurry to have a third child of my own – I’m pretty sure the novelty would wear off after a day.



A Toucan Box kinda morning – although this one required way too much adult assistance for me. Admired my 3 chins (or is it 4?). Wondering hopelessly how I’m ever supposed to get time to work out. Played a bit of a doctors and nurses/Frozen mashup. Baby J is well on his way to being able to sit up all on his own – I can’t believe how fast he’s growing! Thought I’d give ‘Mugongoni’ a go (Swahili for putting baby on the back, I hope) – I probably didn’t even tie it right but he didn’t cry, he didn’t drop on the floor and I managed to cook dinner. That’s a win I’d say!


Lessons learned this week…

  1. What I (and every other mother) do(es) everyday is hard. It’s OK to feel tired and everyone needs a little break sometimes.
  2. As a parent I will probably feel some amount of guilt about every decision I ever make. But I just need to remind myself why I’m going back into work sooner than planned. Please believe I’m not doing it for my benefit, I’m doing it for my children. In the long-run this is best for them. In the long-run this best for them. In the long-run this is best for them.
  3. Try not to get pregnant this year, next year… or the year after.
  4. If I’ve got time to blog, I’ve got time to jog. Whatevs.



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16 thoughts on “A week in pictures #2

  1. I loved this! What a great idea. All the photos are great and made me smile, but Tuesday’s photos made me really giggle!
    Don’t feel bad for going back to work and don’t feel you need to justify it. You are doing an amazing job, and you are doing what is best for you and your family 🙂 #KCACOLS


  2. What a lovely way to capture your week. I am sure you enjoyed your small break.

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

    Azaria-Being Mrs Lynch


  3. great photo blog – very entertaining in places. Love your list of thing you’ve learnt at the end – ha ha i’d always choose to blog over jog but I know when I do jog it’s the best feeling ever #KCACOLS


  4. haha loved lesson 4, I guess I have time to jog too then, but that is so not happening any time soon, just keepin’ it real Loved your pics, sorry you had a sad morning, hugs xoxo #Kcacols


  5. I love this idea, the week in photos. I think my faves have to be Baby J not wanting to go – that’s some real rage going on that you could think of such a thing! 😉 I had to go back to work way earlier than I planned too and, while I did feel guilty, it was nice to have a bit of a break from the real work of looking after the baby! x #KCACOLS


  6. what lovely photos. It sounds like you had a much needed rest early in the week! I hope going back to work is ok – I went back early, hubby looked after baby and whilst the first two weeks were proper tough, after that I felt good and more like ‘me’ again. I just took it day by day and now, six months on, I love the balance of mummy and office. Best of luck x #KCACOLS


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