A week in pictures #3

Being my last week of maternity leave, I decided to try get in as much fun/quality time with my babies as possible!



After a morning of calabash making from A’s Toucan Box, we took a quick trip to the park to let off steam and pick daisies before driving up to Watford to see Mister Maker Live! Aside from sitting next to the most annoying woman in the world; the show was really brilliant. It was like a concert! Mister Maker could be in Rudimental for sure. Apparently Mr Bloom is the sex god of CBeebies… but after watching this…


A gorgeous family day at Dulwich Park (after bickering for about 2 hours about where we should go). Princess-A fell over and cut her knee for the first time, she said “mummy I broke it!” – so dramatic. I’m actually quite proud that I managed to keep her cut free for 2.5 years she’s a right little monkey. We were mesmerised by the baby geese, I can’t believe I hadn’t seen them before. What have I been doing with my life?




My poor poorly bubba! Lots of milk and cuddles.



I just love seeing them playing and relaxing together. Baby J was poorly but still smiling and always happy to be near his sister.


In The Night Garden Live! was amazing yet again. We went last year but saw a different show; both were so brilliantly put together. Adults and children were impressed! I know baby J doesn’t look impressed but I put it down to him having a cough and a cold. I decided to let ‘A’ meet a character this year (now she’s a bit older so unlikely to be freaked out by a 7ft Upsy Daisy) and I’m glad I did. She melted into her arms!


Had another unsuccessful shopping trip, with baby J crying most of the time and then projectile vomiting all over himself and the pram. Had to abort that mission and return to base. Things were calmer. Revisited my childhood playing princesses with ‘A’.



First a cough then a cold and then teething to add to the pile! I felt so sorry for the boy but he was all smiles after a nap. I on the other hand looked dreadful. No photos.


Lessons learned this week…

  1. Mister Maker is more attractive in person LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  2. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing. Everyday is beautiful when you are surrounded by the people you love.



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