4 B’s! Wishing I was pregnant all the time

I know there are people out there who loved being pregnant and those that hated it. But if I could be about 6 months pregnant for the rest of my life – I really would. Here’s why:


5 months postpartum and with 2 c-sections under my belt, I feel like I’m wearing a coat made from soft, semi-sagging body parts. And even though people tell me I look fine; I definitely don’t feel anywhere close to fine. Going from having total body confidence in pregnancy to almost zero body confidence is pretty tough.

In pregnancy you have a massive belly, growing thighs and bum. And it’s a beautiful thing because you are growing another human being. After birth these things aren’t welcome anymore and a whole load of pressure (mostly from yourself) is chucked on top of you to do something about it. It sucks. I honestly feel that I looked my absolute best when I was pregnant.


Mine were most recently referred to as “Fun Bags”….

BAGS!! I don’t know if this is supposed to be funny, a compliment or a straight up DISS. Bags hang. Most bags need handles and they are usually empty until you fill ‘em up. All mine seem to be filled with at the moment is “fun”. What happens when the milk finally dries up completely? These bags won’t even sell for 5p.


And I don’t mean the baby bump! In pregnancy I had flawless, glowing skin. In that 9 months I forgot how dreadful my skin can get. Especially at that time of the month, I look like I’m 15 again! Not to mention that spots are painful man. Do I have time to be putting on concealer? Do I even own concealer? CAN NOT DEAL.


All the annoying symptoms aside; I genuinely really loved feeling and knowing that I had a little baby inside of me. I was in my own little bubble, feeling magical things that no one else could feel and loving someone who I hadn’t seen or met yet. It was wonderful, mysterious and of course it is nice to get the baby at the end of it. But I wouldn’t mind having the feeling of pregnancy forever.



Do you wish you could be pregnant all the time?


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22 thoughts on “4 B’s! Wishing I was pregnant all the time

  1. There were such wonderful moments of being pregnant – like feeling those little kicks. I do know what you mean about body confidence whilst pregnant. But I suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum so I wouldn’t want to do it again! #KCACOLS

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  2. Yes I loved being pregnant and was more body confident then. I loved the feeling of a baby inside of me. It makes me sad to think I won’t be pregnant again and feel a baby kick inside x #KCACOLS


  3. Oh I loved pregnancy so much! The body image thing is spot on-I was so confident when I was pregnant. As magical as it was, and as much as I loved it, I definitely can’t agree with you here, haha. Pregnancy was exhausting!!! At the same time, I can’t wait to feel the magic of life growing inside of me again. Thanks for sharing!! ❤ #KCACOLS


  4. I understand what you mean but to be honest i didn’t like being pregnant at all. I suffered with fainting, low blood pressure and dizzy spells throughout my entire pregnancy, plus i looked like a barrel on legs with both of mine! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

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  5. You make being pregnant sound fab! It’s definitely true that women glow when pregnant. With the fab skin and hair and perfect boobs! Now though, try to remember that your body has produced life – a tight, flat stomach is nothing compared to that!
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂


  6. I’m currently 22weeks pregnant and I have to say I am loving it. Skins amazing, bump is neat and boobs are well..just amazing haha. This is my second baby and I know from experience this body confidence won’t last so I’m making the most of it. I’m not looking forward to the later stages though, when I will resemble a whale who is hot all the time haha. I hope you get your confidence back and hey one day you might be 6months pregnant again!#kcacols xx

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  7. I’m still trying to shift the baby weight 18 months in… I just never remember being so constantly exhausted pre-baby! lol. I didn’t feel confident when I was pregnant but I just lost the ability to care. I was sick most of the way through, and the smell of make-up / hair stuff would set me off – at work I was just like, I’m here, that’s the best you’re getting. xD #KCACOLS

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  8. I completely understand this! For once in my life I wasn’t self concious about my belly, i’d sit on the sofa with it out just watching for kicks! And my skin was glorious! Now it’s back to being spotty but even worse than before. The only thing I could really do without is the heartburn! x

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  9. I can’t comment personally but I know there are times my wife misses the good bits of being pregnant like the fabled glow and the sensation of the baby moving around and sharking later on.


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  10. Oh I can totally identify with this – especially the body confidence stuff and yes 6 months was the good bit, nice size bump by then and couldn’t be mistaken for just being fat lol. After 4 children my body confidence is very low. Thanks for linking up to #sharewithme

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