Gutted! A week without pictures

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I have started posting “A week in pictures” every weekend, summarising in photos the highlights and lowlights of family life.

I opened this document to start writing what would have been “A week in pictures #4” only to realise that I haven’t taken any pictures – Gutted. Not because I forgot, but because I haven’t seen my family or anything worth photographing this week.

This was my first week back to work after 5 months of maternity leave. I have started a new job with intense training and I already miss my family so much. I have photographed my children everyday since they were born and looking through my phone just now has really brought out the emotions that I have been trying to keep under control all week.

There was nothing else I wanted to do more today than cuddle my babies. And that is what I did. It is going to take a while to adjust to only seeing them for an hour in the evening. But I will carry on knowing that eventually my training will finish and then I will have plenty of time to spend with my family making and recording memories.

As for my other half, we have literally been passing each other at the front door. Silently working as team to create the best future that we can for our children. He’s knackered, I’m knackered. But our children make us strong.

In this moment, I might not be able to write about any recent family frolics. But I can reminisce! So here’s 5 of my favourite past pictures… (selected from 14,643)




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