‘My Big Tree’ by Maria Ashworth (book review)

What an awesome story! I read ‘My Big Tree’ to my 2-year-old and she absolutely loved it. The story was great for her age group as it encouraged counting, identifying animals and the sounds that they make.

I thought that amount of text was perfect because it was easy to read and easy for my daughter to understand. The layout of the story is great, the colourful illustrations keep the children interested and encourages them to talk about what they are seeing on each page. My daughter got really involved with talking about each of the animals, what colours they were and how many she could find. The story really got her to engage.

Blue Bird flies off alone to find a new tree all for himself and quickly realizes that his old tree with all his animal friends is best. It’s a wonderful way to teach children about the importance of friends and sharing.

We loved the random dog wandering across the page and my daughter kept asking “what is he doing?” which enabled me to tell her an additional story about the dog and his bone. I personally love stories that encourage conversation and exploration and this story does that fantastically.

When I finished reading the story, my daughter keep saying:

 “Again? Again?”

Which is unusual for her as she normally gets bored quickly. ‘My Big Tree’ is a winner! Thumbs up to Maria Ashworth. We can’t wait to read more of her books.

Preview YouTube video My Big Tree TrailerMy Big Tree Trailer


‘My Big Tree’ will be on sale from 9th August 2016. Magnetic story board now available for purchase here.


(This is not a paid post. This review is based on my honest opinion.)




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