5 times my girl cracked me up!

Does anyone else find their toddler absolutely hilarious? In the last 2 days, my girl has been on a roll, she cracks me up more than any adult I know. Either she’s a natural comedian or I just need to grow up… you decide.


I’m sitting on the bed breastfeeding baby J, trying to comfort him to sleep because he’s teething and having trouble going down on his own. ‘A’ is sat opposite me and I mouth to her “Be quiet…baby is going to sleep”. She wasn’t making any noise to begin with but I just thought I’d let her know so she didn’t have one of her sudden toddler outbursts of high-pitched screeching just as he closed his eyes.

Anyway she understands what I’m saying and decides to pull her top up and whisper back “I got boobies”

I’m smiling now because my sense of humour knows no boundaries and I’m nodding like a maniac so she knows that I’ve heard her and that we don’t need speak anymore at this moment. Then her eyebrows are going up and down kind of like she’s flirting (weirdo). She goes:

“What’s this?” (points to her nipple)… “It’s boobies”

Well that’s my breaking point! I spray with laughter, baby J jumps out of his skin, ‘A’ is in fits of laughter and although I’m enjoying the joke, in the back of my mind I am thinking:

“I’ve got to start getting baby to sleep from the beginning again… because I found BOOBIES funny”

It took me another 30 minutes of rocking to get him to sleep but that’s what I get for telling my daughter to be quiet!



A: “What’s Jake’s name?”

Me: “Jake.”

A: “What’s Jake’s name?”
Me: “Who’s Jake?”

A: “Nanny”

Me: “JANE… Nanny’s name is Jane”



Me: “Are you OK my love?”

A: “SSSHHHH Mummy!! Baby’s sleeping!”

*walks away*


4. Sleeping Beauty

“Seating booty.”



We are playing a game where I point to different body parts and ‘A’ has to tell me what they are called. Eyes.. Ears.. Nose.. etc..

Then I point to my eyebrows and she stares at me for about 10 seconds – really thinking about it and goes:

“Eye……. brushes!” (with a big smile on her face)
I know I shouldn’t laugh at her but I just can’t control myself! I had tears and everything. To be fair I haven’t had my eyebrows done in a few weeks so I can understand why the word ‘brushes’ came to mind. Hint received. Bless her.


I’ve written about these little moments because I never want to forget the times my little girl has cheered me up. I can’t wait to hear what she’s going to come out with next!

Do your kids make you laugh like this too?








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