3 Life Lessons – Taught by my toddler.

Who knew that so much can be learnt from toddlers? My daughter inspires me every single day. Here’s just a few of the great things that she has taught me.

1. How to cope with changes

In the last 6 months my Princess (2) has done a lot of adapting and learning. She’s moved into her big bed, become a big sister, been successfully potty trained (and quite quickly too), started nursery, changed classes and had to adapt to me going back to work. Any one of these changes could be a big deal for a little person to cope with, and if I reflect for too long I start to feel guilty for putting her through all of this at once. But I know in my heart that everything I do is for the greater good, with my children’s best interests at heart.

She has been such a trooper throughout and I am so proud of her. I have cried my eyes out at times about leaving her at nursery, having to leave my baby to go to work, or just because I’m tired and hormonal. And when I look at my little girl and see how she embraces everything that is thrown at us; I think to myself:

“I need to man-up and crack on!”

I have started to take her lead now, if she’s OK with things, then I’m OK with things. She’s my little rock.


2. My best is good enough

I’m whizzing around the kitchen; hot, flustered, tired and stressed. The chicken is taking too long to cook. The kids still need bathing. The house is a mess. The washing is still in the machine from yesterday AND I forgot to make that doctor appointment! My attempt at today is failing. My daughter appears at the door. Great, I really don’t need any more demands or harassment.

“Mummy, I want to hug yooouuu.”

(What? Why? I don’t have time for this!) I look at her. She melts my heart. And as she slides into my arms, all of the pressures that I have put on myself disappear. She stops me in my tracks when I need it most and instantly reminds me that although I’m not on schedule and I might have forgotten to do some things – she still loves me anyway. I can relax. And by the way there’s ALWAYS time to cuddle.

3. How to be happy and enjoy life

Whenever my daughter sees one of her friends, they immediately burst into fits of laughter. No words (and she can speak extremely well). Just laughter.


I used to stare and wonder what was wrong with them. But I’ve realised that it is just the sign of pure joy and excitement. I need to be more like her, laugh more and look over my shoulder less.

When we are going to the shop, she’ll say:

“I’m so excited!”

We go to the shop most days, so why the enthusiasm? We can be going to buy bread and she bloody loves it! I still find it a little strange sometimes but what I’ve learned from her is that there are some tasks that you will do multiple times per day or week throughout your life. So as mundane as they may seem, you have to find ways to make them fun and enjoyable. A trip to the shop is so much more exciting with my princess. We skip, sing and laugh. I would probably look a bit crazy if I did that on my own.

Life is so much better with her.






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12 thoughts on “3 Life Lessons – Taught by my toddler.

  1. Oh what a lovely post! My two are the same with trips to the shop, even if we’re just walking to get bread and milk they love it! And it does make the job much more fun when they’re with me, we walk the way that means we get to go over a footbridge and they think that’s the most exciting thing in the world! x #KCACOLS

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  2. Kids are amazing. Within a year of Cygnet’s life (he’s now 2): his father and I separated; we moved house; I went back to work full time; he changed nursery and he started splitting his time between his mum and his dad. He just seems to have taken everything in his stride. I wish I could say the same for myself!

    Your daughter is absolutely stunning – such beautiful hair and teeth. It must have absolutely melted your heart when she walked into the kitchen and said she wanted to hug you. You are a very lucky lady. Loads of love. Pen x #KCACOLS

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  3. lovely! She’s a gorgeous little girl and clearly has such joy for life. The fact she’s taken all those changes in her stride just show that you’re bringing her up to be a happy, confident little girl #kcacols

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  4. Omg, your daughter is an absolute beauty, and she truly sounds like an intelligent little girl. It really is amazing how much we can learn from these tiny little people. The way they approach life is so fascinating to me. I like to watch my son gently inspect every detail of a leaf or a rock. He is such a tiny scientist, I love it!

    I’m so glad to hear that your daughter took all those changes so well-kids really do tend to be so much more resilient than we give them credit! ❤ #KCACOLS

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  5. This is such a cool post. Toddlers and kids are amazing aren’t they? I know my little ones have taught us heaps about life, especially when we’ve been through some recent tough times as a family. They remind us about the simple things and it doesn’t take much to be happy. I wrote a post on confidence tips from a three-year old that you might like too! Big Munch is very very confident and I love it. So nice coming across your blog on #KCACOLS x Sunita

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