(link) Sex After Childbirth, The Reality: The C-section edition.

I wrote this after winning the July #BISS competition, it is extremely personal but I think it is important to share our experiences.


You can share/ leave comments on the article if you wish! I love hearing your thoughts.


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22 thoughts on “(link) Sex After Childbirth, The Reality: The C-section edition.

  1. I love the honesty in your article, I’m glad that we are becoming a society where we can talk freely about these things-it’s so important. I didn’t have a C-section with either of my children, so I can’t imagine what it must’ve been like to have the pain from the scar for such a long time, and have concerns about the weight of someone on top of me, and what that might do. I do relate to the concerns about the saggy, overhanging tummy, and my boobs being looked at differently, now they had a different purpose-to be honest, 3 years down the line, and those concerns have not gone away. I think sex will always be different after children, I suppose it comes down to overlooking the changes, and embracing it how it is now, which is actually very difficult!

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  2. Great post, I think things like this aren’t talked about enough. I know a few new mums that were back to having sex after three weeks whereas I waited around five months due to a traumatic birth. It is such a large part of a relationship that it is horrible to feel so uncomfortable about it. #KCACOLS

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  3. A lovely honest piece of writing. I’m 7 months in after having a c-section and still don’t feel right in that area. My husband for want of a better word was ‘gagging’ for it after I had our baby girl as we had to stay off sex for my pregnancy. It was 2 months after the c-section that we tried again.

    Congrats on winning #BISS xx


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