4 Types Of Parents On The Underground

*I am absolutely not saying that all parents fit into these categories. Nor am I judging anyone. Just simply saying what I’ve seen whilst driving a train on the underground. Enjoy!*

1. The Hopeful Parents

A singular parent with a baby in a buggy, a toddler AND a f*cking suitcase! Usually found at the bottom of a set of stairs, wide-eyed. If you see one, approach slowly and offer assistance. They are hopeful that at least ONE person will see them and offer to help. When I am travelling in my uniform… that person is ALWAYS me. To be fair I would offer to help them regardless. But it’s funny how a uniform gives people the impression that I have the strength to carry 25kg in one hand and the front end of a buggy in the other… up a flight of stairs!

2. The Tourist Parents

Normally so busy taking pictures of the ‘Piccadilly Circus’ signage. Or papping the train driver with a DSLR camera and great big f*ck off flash; that they are blissfully unaware that their son has half of his body dangling over the platform edge, and that the train has had to apply an emergency brake. Totally oblivious to the fact that the (now temporarily blinded) driver is shouting at them. (maybe they’ll realise when they look back through their photos). People… keep an eye on your kids and not that I want to be photographed at work but at least turn off your damn flash.

3. The Parents In A Rush

They are in such a hurry that they are happy to throw themselves onto the train at the last-minute and leave their 4-year-old behind. They then proceed to try to smash the doors down. No need! I was watching your foolishness. *reopens doors*

These parents also work in the reverse. Happy to throw their 4-year-old into the closing doors and then stand there looking lost for a second before (you guessed it) trying to smash the doors down. Again… I’m watching you *coughs* fool.

4. The Cautious Parents

Out of the 4, these are the only parents whose actions I can sort of understand. They have their children GLUED to them. They walk in unison at a pace too slow to demonstrate. They are also so scared that something might go wrong that they WILL NOT get on the train. Even if I keep the doors open for an extra 40 seconds. The aren’t getting on, it’s too risky. Whatever, it’s cool at least you’re not parent type number 3.

What types of parents have you noticed on the Underground?

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30 thoughts on “4 Types Of Parents On The Underground

  1. Haha I did not know eh driver the controlled the door! I think I’d be number 4 those doors scare the life out of me and I am always scared of getting my arm trapped in one, don’t know why! So with a child in tow I’d be a nightmare. I did once see a parent board a tube without their child who stood on the platform. The mum went into meltdown as did my childless self at that point but the kid was just too cool and mouthed through the glass ‘I’ll meet you at the next platform’ amazing. Thanks for sharing this with us at #familyfun

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    1. Sorry for the late response! A lot of people don’t know about the doors. At least you know now if your caught in the doors for a length of time it’s either on purpose or the driver isn’t looking. Lol that kid must have been well trained in being left behind haha


  2. Haha, this seems right. I always try and help the parents in group 1 – you feel bad for them when they realise they’ve got off at a station with no lifts. I’ve only taken my daughter with me into London twice and I have been in group 4 both times. I don’t see that changing!! #FamilyFun

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  3. Haha! Love number 3. I haven’t seen any parents on the underground as I am my own category: the parent standing outside the underground saying, ‘I am NOT going down there, Londonis not that big, I can walk!’ (Claustrophobia!)

    Thanks so much for joining is on #FridayFrolics. Hope to see you next time.

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  4. I would definitely be no. 4! I was left as an 11 year old on a train platform for over an hour due to my mum being no. 3! I haven’t yet braved the capital and the tube with my 2, but planning on doing it soon! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope that you come back again Sunday after next x

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  5. An interesting perspective. I have had the *pleasure* of taking my then two or three year old boy to his hospital appointments at Moorfields through the rush hour. Other passengers seem to think I am mental enough to have made the choice to take a push chair on the train at rush hour! I want a badge that says “I didn’t ask for this!” 😀
    x Alice

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  6. Oh wow, you really must see a lot at your job. Where I live, we don’t really have much public transportation, but I know the types of parents you’re talking about because you can really see them anywhere. #3 parents really get under my skin though..ha
    Thanks for the laugh! #KCACOLS

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  7. Hahaha… This made me chuckle! I left London some time ago but last summer when I visited I was ‘hopeful’, with a five year-old, a wheely suitcase, an overfills handbag and a two bump on board. It was exhausting but I survived to tell the tale 🙂

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  8. I’m definitely number 4. I think I bordered on having a phobia of being left on a train I should have departed when I was a kid so there’s no hope in hell I’d ride the Underground without my kid being glued to me! #FridayFrolics

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  9. So funny! Im the totally stressed out parent: carrying one child too heavy to be carried, constantly turning backwards to scream ‘come on’ at the 6 year old wandering off to do something inappropriate/dangerous whilst the husband does his own thing ! #ablogginggoodtime

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