A Week In Pictures #4

I’m so happy that i’ve finally managed to scrape together a week of photos again. I love capturing memories and moments but it is so difficult now that I am working all the time. Here’s a little snap shot of last week.



My good friend came down for the day. You can’t tell from the pictures but my kids shouting managed to clear the restaurant! I had tomatoes thrown at me and I was roared at. To top it all off; as we were leaving the restaurant and carrying the buggy down the step, my daughter decided to run straight into the main road. This was the first time she’s done something like that. I almost had a heart attack, we were just very lucky that no cars were coming. I was relieved that my mum was coming to take her for a few days. I love my little girl but she doesn’t half stress me out!



Admiring the beautiful flowers that my friend got for me. I’ll let you into a secret…


The house was a tip. Don’t be fooled by what you see on Instagram, everything is not always as it seems!


While I was working, my mum took the princess down to great yarmouth. Little miss was having a blast at the aquarium and at the beach.



…And more fun at the farm.




Decided it might be time to go up a nappy size!




Had loads of much needed cuddles with my boy while little miss was at nursery.



They were super happy to spend time playing together after being apart for most of the week.


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