5 things I wish I had been told about before giving birth.


I am sharing these 5 things because, whilst I probably could have done more research; I am not completely thick. There are definitely some other people out there who might not be aware of some of these things. And it’s always good to have knowledge.

1. Emergency C-sections.

They are a lot more common than I thought. And I wish that I had been told to prepare for an emergency C-section, just incase. Anything can happen and it did… TWICE. The first time it totally shocked me. I wasn’t expecting to be in hospital for so long. I wasn’t prepared for such an extended recovery time and I didn’t realise how much I would struggle to do basic things such as get out of bed or lift my baby up. That experience really ruined my confidence as a new mum and those important first moments with my baby. I felt…

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