REPOST- A public apology.

If you have been following my blog, you might have noticed that it is has been a little sparse recently due to work commitments and having two little monsters to look after. So firstly I would like to apologise for that and let you know that the blog will be back in full pelt very soon.

Now on to the biggy…

I had a little time off work a couple of weeks ago and I spent two whole days looking after both children on my own.

And my God is it stressful?!

Since I’ve started working, I’ve obviously not noticed how much of a handful the children have become. If it’s not one crying, then it’s the other. My son is very clingy and doesn’t like it when I leave the room. He also finds it totally appropriate to sh*t down my arm when we’re getting ready to leave the house.

My daughter is a typical 2 1/2-year-old who has demands, needs, wants and a lot of emotions which all seem to come out at the same time, normally when I’m just about to put the baby down to sleep.

My poor partner usually has them in the daytime and then he goes to work at night. I mean it when I say he is a trooper and I feel so ashamed that I come home from work sometimes (actually, nearly every time) and ask him why the house looks like a sh*t pit or what exactly he’s been doing all day.

It’s as if I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a full-time mum.

I sound exactly like he did when we first had children. He’d ask me what I did all day and I’d want to rip his head off for asking such a stupid and offensive question. Now I’m doing the same thing.  I mean yes, when I am at home I probably do get a little more done in a day than he does; although it’s probably not noticeable to the naked eye. I just didn’t realise how out of touch I was with the chaos of having two children under 3 and trying to keep up with life and the daily chores.

I actually feel a bit sorry for him, he really has his work cut out for him every single day and then on top of that he has to work nights so he has to deal with the chaos all day and then go straight to work. He sleeps for… I’ll say maximum 3 to 4 hours and then he does the same thing again the next day when I’m at work.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m knackered too because when I come home from work I take over with the kids but at least I only have to do the dinner, bath, bed part and then I can go to sleep if I really want to or do some cleaning. He doesn’t even really get that choice.

I would just like to take this opportunity to say I am really sorry for underestimating all that he does and for being out of touch with what it is actually like to have two young children to look after all day and work full-time.

I’m sorry for sometimes expecting things to be done, when really all I should expect from him is that the children are fed, happy and loved.

To my Mr: Please know that I appreciate you and everything you do for our family, more than I sometimes show. I do know how lucky I am. I am sorry for being such a b*tch when I get in from work. (it doesn’t help my mood that my uniform is two sizes too big and my trousers are itchy as hell) but I will try my very best from now on not to take it out on you.

Please accept my sincere apology and kindly bring me a drink when you get a second. (wink)

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12 thoughts on “REPOST- A public apology.

  1. I think in baby madness you don’t realise how much the partner is doing. I was so ill after Baby D was born I virtually done nothing the first few weeks and the Mr done everything. X #globalblogging

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