Happy Birthday Soul-Sister!

Some people call it a best friend. But that term isn’t fitting for this woman. It isn’t good enough.

I met my soul-sister about 14 years ago, since then we’ve shared countless bottles of wine, a particular bottle of rum, some things I won’t mention, some AMAZING holidays, our deepest secrets, our struggles and joys in motherhood and enough JOKES (I mean crying on the floor funny) to permanently split your sides.


We’ve had one (physical) fight… but it was pathetic, lasted about 30 seconds, started for no reason at all and ended with “what the f*ck are we doing?”. We then proceeded to go to lunch.

Whenever I have something to say but I’m worried that i’ll be judged, my soul-sister never lets me down. In fact whatever crap I come out with, it’s met by her laughter and reassurance that yeh I might be talking complete sh*t but it’s accepted and understood. And vice versa.

One of my biggest regrets is that I took so long to tell you about my postnatal depression. It was purely because as long as you didn’t know, our conversations would continue to be funny and stupid and I could feel normal while I was with you. Looking back, that was wrong. I know you would have understood me perfectly and I know you wouldn’t have treated me any differently. I’m sorry. 

We are so similar. We have the same humour, we enjoy doing the same things. But we are also SO different. She likes PVC and I like lace. She considers what people think and I really don’t give a ****. We balance each other perfectly.


I know how lucky I am. Some people never find a soul mate. I’ve found 2. She is more like my sister than my own sisters. (no disrespect to my sisters but it’s true though)

Sab, I am just SOOOOOOO happy that you were born. I don’t know how I would get through this life without you. It would be seriously dull. Anything you need, I’ve got you. Mi casa es su casa and all that.

Happy Birthday Soul-Sister.




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