Daddy Take Over! #1: Daddy VS Daughter


Welcome to… Daddy Take Over! A brand new monthly series where Mr iMummy (or shall we call him iDaddy?) takes over the blog and shares whatever he likes! (gulp) TBH I think he’s pretty damn funny! Without further ado, let’s kick off the series with…

#1: Daddy VS Daughter

I remember having a conversation with a mate, pre-parenthood – about how I would raise my kids if I ever had any. I told him “you’ve gotta let them know who’s boss from the jump, otherwise you’re screwed for life….as soon as that baby pops out….hold them in your arms….and give them a stern stare, so they know that you are in charge”. Peeerrrrrr! Not practising what I preached has not only come back to bite me in the arse…. but to also body slam me and count to three.


The first time my daughter laid eyes on me, she was not met with the stern, alpha stare of her unshaven, rough-looking father (it was a long labour)…. No, she was met by a wet eyed crying sap – overjoyed & overwhelmed by the birth of his first-born child. It was a chicken shish wrap from there….and at three years old…. She fully knows that she has an unexplainable power over me, that I for one can’t ever see her letting go of.

“Daddy be quiet!”

“Daddy stop copying me….I SAID STOP COPYING ME!”

“Go to your mum’s!” (She got that one from her mother)

“Shhh daddy….stop talking”

“You’re not coming to the farm…only me, mummy and Baby J” …

I could continue…. those are just a few choice phrases my lovely daughter uses every other hour, to remind me that my existence is less welcomed than her mother’s & to assure that I know I’m 2nd best to mummy.
My position is this…. I can’t clip her round the ear for being constantly cheeky…. I can’t shout at her for voicing her opinion (however grating it is) and I can’t impose any laws or rules because quite simply… SHE IS THE BOSS.

I just have one word for her… “INHERITANCE”.


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37 thoughts on “Daddy Take Over! #1: Daddy VS Daughter

  1. I love your description of how you greeted your daughter when she was born. So sweet. I think so many of us change our parenting plans after the little ones arrive! And my 4yo boy bosses me around just like your daughter does you. Mummy, STOP SINGING, only the radio sings! Haha. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.


  2. Excellent idea to hand it over.Brilliant work iDad-made me laugh a lot.Dad’s and daughters hey-you’re all powerless when they look at you.Mr Pearlie J is a lost cause when it comes to his-and let me tell you you need to practice that power stare for the teen years!I’m sharing this ‘cos it’s great to hear a Dad’s point of view-may even nick the idea and see if the Mister wants to contribute to mine!

    Liked by 1 person

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