A blogging mess!


I haven’t got a bloody clue what’s going on! My brain is full of ideas, intentions and goals all racing around in there and smashing into each other. For some reason, my brain is on over drive but my body just says “F*** that”. It’s like the two are not connected.

Yesterday I planned that when baby J went for his nap I would sit down and get planning properly and start executing some of my to-do list. I got as far as sitting down and then all of sudden I was waking up.

DAMN IT! how has this happened again? For the last 3 weeks every time I park my backside on the sofa, it’s lights out! I fall asleep sitting up, regardless what time of day it is. And regardless of whether my children are asleep or not. I’ve got to stop sitting on that thing it’s cursed I swear!

Actually I’ve got a cheek blaming the sofa! I’ve also been known to fall asleep on the floor and we don’t even have carpet. I fell asleep sitting up at work. Not whilst driving the train of course. On my break, so no danger to life or anything! (Thank God)

I’ve turned into a blogging mess too! Deadlines? What deadlines? I seem to be chasing my tail with EVERYTHING. What p*ssed me off the most this week was when I was stressing about getting all my blog commenting done. And feeling proud of my self that I stayed up late (despite feeling like death) to finish all my linky comments only to realise that I was commenting on linkys that I hadn’t even linked up to!!! HOW ANNOYING IS THAT?! I mean I got to read some good blog posts but I was short on time as it was!

*LIVE UP DATE: My partner just yelled “did you put something in the oven?!”

Yes I did… and now I have a very dark, crisp pizza! Do you see what I mean? I don’t even have the brain power for oven pizza. FFS! *

Any way back to what I was saying… if anyone has noticed that my comments/replies are like a day (or 4) late. I’m sorry, it’s not me, it’s just… me.

Has this ever happened to you? Where you just feel like you CAN NOT GET IT TOGETHER!

I thought possibly a glass of wine would sort me out. But I aborted that idea when I remembered that I’d probably just fall asleep again (i’m such a lightweight these days).

Tell me people… how do you recharge your batteries? How can I bring back the organised,  non-stop, powerhouse woman who I used to be? I miss her. She rocked!



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53 thoughts on “A blogging mess!

  1. Yes, yes and yes! You are not alone. I struggle to sleep some nights because I’m thinking about blogging. But – that’s really not healthy. And on that note yours is my last of the night so I’m off to bed! Hope you get a rest over xmas xx #ablogginggoodtime x

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  2. Oh I’ve been in your shoes. What works for me is just limiting what I set out to do. Even if I have say 2 free hours (when all the stars align), I may do two or three of the most important things that need get done, then just sit and blog and/or have a nice cuppa coffee or tea with biscuits. Calms me down. Puts life’s priorities in perspective and I am ready for what comes next. Sounds good on paper but does not always work. I’ll take the few times it does. All the best to you. Warm hugs. #ablogginggoodtime

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  3. I’ve learned that there are so many things to stress about, you need to prioritize it — if your body falls asleep so very quickly, that is a sign of your dire need. Bask in it while you can, while child still naps because sleep bank deposits are crucial!!! Sweet dreams to you! #ablogginggoodtime

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  4. Gosh I hear you! Running the Linkys and all that. Always on constant catch up!! I have a big list and a little day list. I don’t overload it. If I’m tired i don’t beat myself up and just prioritise to do bits the next day. Difficult finding a balance. I’m going to recharge over Christmas I think! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

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  5. Ooooh I hear this. I am so behind at the moment and always playing catch up, constantly. Defo looking forward to a little Christmas break to re charge. Blogging is time consuming thought consuming and well it takes over everything – you’re not alone lovey thanks for sharing st #familyfun x

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  6. I have felt like this before and it’s usually when I have so much to do that I get overwhelmed a bit. I write down everything I need to do then on a separate list I write down everything I want to do. I do essentials first then reward myself by doing some of the second list 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK

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  7. I am sitting reading this with a long list of linkys that I need to go back to and comment on because my life took over. It happens. If one week you can only comment on the minimum, so be it – it is Christmas and it is crazy at the moment. Take a nap break. #BloggerClubUK

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  8. If you find her – could you send her my way – I seem to have lost the super organised woman who I swear used to live in this house! Parenting is hard and tiring and exhausting and non stop – I’m pretty impressed we are keeping it together as much as we are!! #ablogginggoodtime

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  9. Oh this is exactly how I feel at the moment – I don’t know whether I’m coming or going! There is soooo much to do and not physically enough hours to do it.

    I’ve only done it twice, but when I totally get to the end of myself like this, I take a week long blog break, and then you’ll have chance to recover and come back refreshed. #ABloggingGoodTime

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  10. Oh you poor thing!! Sounds like you need a good sleep!!! I would sit and write a to do list and then take a night off. Tomorrow’s Friday, how about you go to bed when the kids do. Or sit on the sofa with a glass of wine and watch a film. Unwind. Then start fresh after you’ve got some rest! #ablogginggoodtime

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  11. Poor you! Sounds like you need to take a week off and just forget things that don’t need to be done. Don’t join any linkies and only write a post if it’s screaming to be written. Breath! xx #ablogginggoodtime


  12. Awww poor thing. I’ve definitely been there. I always seem to be forgetting things lately too. It sounds like you could be doing with some time off. Maybe have a night out, or in, without the kids… Try to keep positive x

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  13. aha I feel you’re pain! I’ve just downloaded an app called simplemind which is free and its a mind map you can create, it’s helped me to be a bit more organised- and its pretty! I’m new to blogging but one of the things I’ve learn straight away is it is such hard work! Along with work and raising kids I don’t know how we do it at all! #BloggerClubUK

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  14. Ah I think we’ve all been there. I echo the others. Take a night or two off and don’t think about it. Catch up on some sleep then when you’re more recharged. Write yourself a to do list and break it down into days, giving yourself a couple off too! Work until your laptop battery runs out or set a timer. Then put it all away!! I hope this helps. It’s how I organised myself when I felt the same. #familyfun

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  15. he he – you made me laugh with the commenting on linkys you didn’t link up to 🙂 It sounds like you need a break! Rest up! I’m not really one to talk, but I do make more of an effort now to try and make myself take it easy! Good luck! #BloggerClubUK

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  16. Ha ha – I think now that you’re blogging the organised woman has left the building – mine did! There are never enough hours and every single moment spare is spent on social media and then those minutes have turned into hours and then nothing gets done and dinner is definitely burnt – I’m impressed it had made it to the oven! #BloggerClubUK

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  17. Ah, we’ve all been there! It sounds like you’re burnt out and really need a break. Even if it’s just 30 mins to have a nice relaxing soak in the bath with a good book. #BloggerClubUK

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