Daddy Take Over #2: When we were young…


Welcome to… Daddy Take Over! A monthly series where Mr iMummy (or shall we call him iDaddy?) takes over the blog and shares whatever he likes! (gulp)

Here is..

#2: When we were young…

I got the idea about this post a few days ago whilst walking home with my kids after a trip to the park; the same park where I met their mother 16 years ago. Anyway…. Over the last few months, more noticeably in the summer…I’ve noticed the lack of children playing in the park.

When we were young (I like to think I’m still young’ish) we’d be out playing from dusk till mum’s call. Run-outs…. Knockdown ginger, football, pat ball, conkers…Kirby…British bulldog… You name it; we played it. I’m almost certain if I was to ask my 12-year-old sister about any of these games she’d look at me like I’m from another planet.

My worry is this…as the years roll by….and technology gets better, more intrusive, more efficient in making the human race lazy…. Who on earth will my kids play with in the park? Is “playing out” even a thing anymore? Even with all the processed sugar from things like Panda pops & penny sweets….I feel like children of my era were healthier.
Obesity rates of children are at an all-time high….surely, more running around, playing with friends in the park and less time spent glued to a phone, tablet, computer or TV screen will remedy that? Or am I completely deluded? My 3-year-old mastered using an iPad by the time she was 18 months old. Of my 1-year-old’s limited vocabulary….one of the most prevalent words he says is “bic’it” (biscuit)……
With that being said…Less YouTube for little miss…and fewer rich Teas for little man….and more running in the park with imummy and daddy…as parents it’s our duty to ensure our kids are healthy… and in my household, I’m the only one in the family allowed to look like a teletubby (although I should probably get my shit together for the wedding).

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17 thoughts on “Daddy Take Over #2: When we were young…

  1. I’m lucky in that my children don’t seem bothered by the one iPad that we all share – probably because I rarely charge it up so there is no fighting over who’s turn it is to have a go! Lovely post. I might let my partner loose on the blog for one (but only one) attempt at writing something interesting…could be interesting. A xx #FamilyFun

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  2. Mine love the park and I try and drag them outside everyday. That being said they also know their way round an iPad better than my other half and at 1 and 2 it’s frightening. I hope to be able to keep screen time limited as best I can as they age! Thanks for sharing at #familyfun x

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  3. We are big park goers and we enjoy being outdoors most days. But then my son is only two, so not at the age where he would be meeting friends at the park, or playing out in the same way I would have done. In all honesty, I won’t be allowing my son to play out in the same way I did – we just don’t live in a safe space to allow that to happen. When I was a child we lived on a cul-de-sac, so very little traffic, and had numerous neighbours to call on to play. We live on a busy road and our nearest park is quite a walk away. I guess times change, and circumstances too, but I’d like to think that I can encourage him to get outside and to play with friends rather than sit on the ipad all day (he’s definitely sussed out how to use it and loves it already though!) #FamilyFun

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  4. Yep – this really resonates and is something that I worry about too. We had a lot of freedom playing ‘out’ when we were younger and I can’t see this happening for my little ones. Yet I will try my best to make sure they’re not on screens toooo much…. #familyfun

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  5. I really worry about this too. My son is 7 and has never really ‘played out’. We live in a fairly small town but on one of the busier roads and none of his friends live on the same street. I’d be happy for him to go off and meet friends at the park etc but other parents are a bit more over protective I think and although I’ve had their kids round here so they can play but it’s hard arranging dates as the other kids all seem to have after school clubs which my son isn’t interested in, and the favour has never been returned which is so sad. I definetly wish we could turn back the clock in that sense. Great post

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  6. we spend a lot of time at the park and hiking during the warmer months and it always makes me happy to see other kids running around. My five year old doesn’t spend a lot of time outside by herself yet, but I make an effort to get her out there as much as possible. I wonder if part of the problem is parents not making that effort? #blogginggoodtime

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  7. Our house is in a small grove, we lived her over a year before I realised there were young children/teenagers living on our street. I never saw them, they never walked anywhere. I often think how when I was younger there would be a gaggle or kids outside our house deciding where to go or what to play, you ALWAYS knew where the children lived. It is really sad how things have changed BUT living in Leeds I worry about when my children get to their early teens and will want to ‘play out’. I don’t know if things were different in ‘our day’ or our parents were just great at keeping us from some of the harsher realities of life. #ablogginggoodtime

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  8. its sad to say that now it feels safer our kids playing on iPads and tablets than it does playing out! Not much safer but least you can see what there doing? I don’t think I’ll be letting Kemal play out when his 12 I would much rather him be in. It’s such a shame as I remember some of my best days playing out with everyone, making friends that I still have to this very day. Just the world is a cruel place now.

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    1. It is but sometimes I wonder if it is any worse than before or if we just know more now? I definitely don’t want my children to grow up in an iPad so I’ll just have to follow them every where they go lol
      Happy new year x


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