F*cking advent calendars!

This year I thought I would steer away from the usual chocolate advent calendar and get my kids something a bit more exciting. So… for ‘baby J’ I ordered the Vtech toot toot advent calendar and for ‘A’ I order the play mobile advent calendar. I think they look pretty awesome!


Vtech Toot Toot Advent Calendar
Playmobil Advent Calendar


My logic was that I wouldn’t order 2 of the same because then we would just have 2 of every toy. I thought… let me get 2 different calendars and then we’ll have lots of different toys that they can share! Good logic right?  Effing wrong!!!

‘A’ was so excited when she saw hers and she was like “ I want the cow first”. Great because guess what was behind number 1? That’s right. The cow!! BINGO!!! One happy child. One down one to go.

Then we opened ‘baby J’s and what did he get… An all singing, all dancing musical Christmas sleigh.

All of a sudden that cow wasn’t good enough. I was pretty impressed because his head can move up and down. You know he’s not just your bog standard stiff figurine cow.

Try explaining to a 3-year-old that the non-verbal cow is BETTER than the sleigh which is now singing “Jingle Bells”.

Welcome to tantrum central.


Me: “You can share them”

A: “No! I want it now”

I just gave up and decided to let her cry it out. At the end of the day…. The cow is better than nothing.

Then the argument switched to “I want to open number 6!”

Try explaining to a 3-year-old that they can only open one door per day. And that because it is the 1st of December they can only open number 1.

A: …. “I WANT 6!”

Me: “well you cant” (lack of ability to articulate at this point, I sort of just wanted to walk into a wall)

I don’t know why I bothered trying to get them something better than chocolate and tooth decay. It was clearly more hassle than it was worth.

My plan now is to make sure that ‘Baby J’ doesn’t open ANY MORE his calendar in front of ‘A’. Quite clearly, his is more entertaining than hers. On the 2nd of December he got a sleigh launcher and she got a trough… for the cow… that has since gone missing. It’s probably in the bin.


Merry Effing Christmas!


8 thoughts on “F*cking advent calendars!

  1. I only did my two year old one because he wants whatever his big brother has. He’s not getting it though. We’ve had the screaming meltdown when he couldn’t open another door. We’ve had the trying to climb up and get it when Mummy’s not looking. And we’ve had the stand next to it with a big smile and puppy dog eyes emotional blackmail tactic! We’re only on day two!!! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

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